An overview of individual scores for each question can be found on the Question Score page. The question score page separates out an individual question score from the aggregated driver score.

It is possible to switch between average and NPS mode on this page, before navigating to the individual question page to see more detail about a specific question, such as highlighted segments, comments, NPS distribution and more.

What is the difference between driver scores and question scores?

A question score is an aggregated average of the latest employee scores for that question. Question scores give you a more granular understanding of how employees feel about a specific aspect of a driver. Driver scores are an aggregation of the question scores that fall under a particular driver. 

The driver page allows you to find out what you should focus on and get practical ideas to improve your team’s engagement.


We believe that looking at Driver scores is a better way of analyzing feedback from your people. Looking at a holistic view of the scores in its context should be preferred over individual question scores. 

Access control

It is possible to control which access control groups are able to use this page. Administrators can find this permission under 'Access statistics' in the Access Control panel

Article: Viewing your engagement drivers

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