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The personal dashboard is based on an action-oriented feedback model, encouraging employees to better align with their managers and teams, while still remaining anonymous. It empowers employees to drive the change they want to see in their organisation, and ensures their voice is heard, knowing that actionable steps are in place to accelerate their personal and their team’s growth.

Survey participants can follow any prioritised drivers and actions on the team's dashboard within Peakon. This will correspond with the direct reports segment that they are part of, within the "Manager" attribute.

Personal dashboard activation

The personal dashboard is typically activated during a survey round. After the company Peakon administrator has enabled access to the personal dashboard, you are able to activate your personal dashboard by following the activation flow, which can be found after completing their survey.

Upon opening the activation link, you will be redirected to an account creation page, where you need to choose a secure password. The email will remain as the email address associated with your employee record on Peakon, to ensure that your answers are attributable to you.

Accessing the personal dashboard

Once activated, survey participants will be able to access their personal dashboard ( at any point, and there will always be a click-through path at the end of each survey guiding them into their personal dashboard, as long as access to the feature remains active in the administration settings.

Managers and leaders that already have manager dashboard access will be able to switch between their manager dashboard and personal dashboard through clicking into their profile on the top right corner of the Peakon dashboard. See this guide on personal dashboard for leaders.

First time login outside of a survey round

If the personal dashboard is enabled, but a survey round has not yet been initiated and an employee wants to log in outside of the activation flow, they can:

  1. Go to the generic personal dashboard link (
  2. The link will redirect the employee to the login page.
  3. If the company is using single sign-on, the employee can enter their email address, and continue to the single sign-on flow. If single sign-on is not enabled, the employee can click on the Forgot password link, and reset their password through email, in order to access their dashboard.

Understanding the results

Your team

Your team is made up of employees who share the same direct manager on Peakon. When your manager logs into their manager dashboard, they will be able to switch between viewing their direct report dashboard and their wider team dashboard, if some of the direct reports also have teams of their own. The data you will be seeing on your personal dashboard is linked to the 'direct reports' dashboard of your manager.

Priorities and actions

When your manager sets some priorities for the team on their 'direct reports' dashboard, they can also assign actions to these priorities. Without setting the priorities, actions will not be visible. Click on an action to learn more.

Why do I see the same priorities and actions from one round to the next?

It is common for a manager to keep the same priorities and actions over multiple survey rounds, if those specific actions require more long-term work. On the other hand, you might find some other actions being completed from one survey round to the next, because they are 'low hanging fruit' and can be done quickly.

It is also a good idea to be mindful of your survey frequency, as the time an action can remain in place, while being worked on, will differ depending on whether you receive a new survey every week or just one survey per year.

What happens if my manager has not yet set any actions?

The Team priorities & actions section will be blank, however you will still be able to view your personal survey summary at the top of the dashboard. We encourage you to speak to your manager and ask them to set those from within their manager dashboard. Some managers may prefer to only do this after discussing the feedback with the team. It could also be that your manager has not received enough responses to see their survey data, and therefore cannot set a priority.

Anonymity & privacy

The responses you give to Peakon’s questions are anonymous. We believe anonymity is essential for everyone to be heard on an equal footing, and to ensure you never feel uncomfortable raising the issues that you feel strongly about. Neither your coworkers, manager or anyone else in the organisation can see who has provided any particular answer or feedback. Responses are aggregated so individuals cannot be identified.

Having a personal dashboard does not compromise anonymity of past or future surveys. The personal dashboard is private to the employee, and not accessible by administrators or managers. Only the employee can access their own dashboard, by logging in using their credentials.


When providing a comment in response to a question in your survey, the comment will be anonymised on the manager's end and will not be associated to you. When enabled, the manager may be able to respond to or acknowledge your comment. The system will automatically route their response to you directly via email. The manager or the company does not have visibility over this automated action.


Peakon (the system) tracks whether you have responded to a survey – so that it can remind you about unanswered surveys – but this information is not visible to anyone in your company and happens automatically. Whether you have responded to the survey is never revealed to your managers.


The first version of the personal dashboard is available on the Peakon iOS mobile app. The mobile app allows employees using the personal dashboard to see the drivers they are most and least satisfied with, their personal survey statistics and the actions their team is working on. When a new survey becomes available, users on the mobile app will be able to answer it directly from within their dashboard.

Managers using the mobile app for their manager dashboard will be able to switch between the two dashboards, and also answer their survey within the app.

For an installation and log guide for the mobile iOS app, refer to this article.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of questions will Peakon ask?

You’ll receive a broad selection of questions that cover how you feel about your company culture, the support and leadership you experience at work, and the direction of the company as a whole. All these factors have an effect on how happy and energised you feel at work. Peakon will then help management identify the key areas that will improve your overall culture and the effectiveness of each team.

Why does Peakon ask questions more frequently than other survey providers?

It can be frustrating to have just one chance to offer your feedback, when so much can happen in a year and you can have so many different experiences. Through Peakon you’ll be able to give your input more frequently (depending on your company survey cadence) and have a more immediate influence over how you work. Unlike a lengthy annual survey, you’ll be able to answer the questions you get from Peakon in just a few minutes from your computer, a mobile browser, or the iPhone app.

Can I see my own scores and comments?

The current version of the personal dashboard does not support viewing your own raw scores and comments.

I am an employee without an email address - will I be able to access my personal dashboard?

For users that are added to Peakon without an email address, it is currently not possible to create a personal dashboard.

My company uses single sign on. How should I log in using single sign on?

If single sign on is is mandated (Premier only), when clicking on the personal dashboard activation link, employees will be redirected to their single sign on page.

If single sign on is activated, but not mandated, employees will be redirected to a generic log in page where they can set up a password. They can still log in via single sign on at a later point when accessing the dashboard directly.

We don't have an active survey, but I would like to enter my personal dashboard. Can I do this?

If your company has activated the personal dashboard, you can access it through this link at any time.

Can I change the language of my personal dashboard?

The personal dashboard is available in all supported dashboard languages.

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