New Releases

  • COVID-19 questions now available - Helping all employers better understand and support their employees and teams in these tricky times, we've built and made available a bespoke set of questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Available for new trial sign-ups and to existing customers.
  • Sensitive comments support in customised question sets - HR teams and leaders can be certain that any sensitive comments will trigger an alert, regardless of the question set an employee may have left a sensitive comment in. The same notification emails and in-product behaviour as for Engage is now supported for all custom driver questions.
  • Automated deletion of past employees - Uploaded employee data of leavers will be deleted from the dashboard after a user-configurable time period.
  • Brand new DE&I illustrations launched in surveys.
  • 48 Spanish and 58 French micro-course lessons live now.
  • All English micro-courses revised and updated.


  • General fixes and improvements¬†
  • Translation adjustments
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