New Releases

  • The Return to Workplace question set - our newly developed question set aimed at businesses preparing for their employees' return to work after the COVID-19 changes are now available for all our customers
  • Peakon on iOS mobile is now compatible with a wide range of accessibility settings. From users being able to navigate the whole app using VoiceOver, through increased colour contrast, to dynamic text resizing in line with any changes to the accessibility settings on the user’s device.
  • Micro-courses in Arabic have been now made available to our customers on the premier plan. We've also made sure that these can be accessed in the iOS app with a full Right To Left compatibility.
  • Public API endpoints now support new question sets, this includes the customised question sets
  • Email certificates for increased security - Admins have now the ability to upload and edit the company certificates in a simple UX. When a company receives Peakon email they will be signed with certificates to authenticate the email sender.


  • General fixes and improvements
  • Translation adjustments
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