Connecting Peakon to Sapling will allow for automatic syncing of your employee data between Sapling and Peakon, meaning your employee list stays up-to-date. Any employee updates made on Sapling will be synced over to Peakon automatically.

Prior to connecting your Sapling, please let your Customer Success Manager know that you would like to utilise the integration and they will enable this feature for your Peakon account. You can also write to to have this feature enabled.

How the Integration works

With the Peakon integration, Sapling will:

  1. Create a new employee when you onboard an employee in Sapling
  2. Keep their details up to date between from changes in Sapling
  3. Mark inactive employees inactive in Peakon when they are Offboarded in Sapling
  4. Delete employees in Peakon if employees are deleted in Sapling
  5. Any existing employees will be automatically connected if their email address matches in both apps
  6. A “Performance” menu will display in Sapling’s team member profile if the employee is matched between both apps

What data syncs with Peakon


On Peakon

  1. Navigate to Administration > Integrations > Employee Provisioning

On Sapling

  1. In Sapling, navigate to Integrations > Peakon to add your Access Token to Sapling. The Access Token is the OAuth Bearer Token from Peakon.

Team Member Profile “Performance” Menu

If a user in Sapling is matched to a user in Peakon based on email address, their unique Peakon ID is stored in Sapling. When a user has a Peakon ID in Sapling, a “Performance” menu will show up on their profile page.

Clicking the menu will open a new tab and navigate the user to their Peakon profile (they’ll be prompted to sign into Peakon first if not already signed in). Specifically, they’ll be directed to where 1234 is the unique Peakon ID for the user.

It’s possible a Sapling customer may have multiple performance management integrations enabled in which case they will see a dropdown labeled “Performance” from which to select the app they want to open for this user.

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