This article will cover:

  • Survey languages
  • Survey language detection
  • Survey language configuration
  • Dashboard languages
  • Shareable dashboards
  • Mobile app
  • Adding new languages

Survey languages

Peakon provides a localised survey experience for a large number of languages:

This includes a fully-localised survey, with all of Peakon's standard questions professionally translated. Emails and notifications used to deliver the survey are also localised, meaning everything an employees sees from Peakon will be in their language.

Different approaches can be taken on localisation to suit your organisation. 

Survey language detection

How is the language automatically detected?

When an employee opens their first Peakon survey, the system will straightaway learn their prefered language – first by checking the language their browser is set to, before falling back to checking their IP address if this is not possible.

From then onwards, each employee will receive localised communication from Peakon in this language. This includes the emails that surveys links are sent via, and the “How does Peakon work?” FAQ page that is referenced in the footer of these emails.

Choosing the survey language manually

Each employee can also pick their chosen language using the language selection menu. From then onwards, the communications they receive from Peakon will be in this language.

Survey language configuration

Manual language selection by an administrator

As an administrator, you can set a locale for groups of employees based on their attribute data. For example, to choose French for our team based in Paris, I would follow these steps:

  1. Go to Administration > Employees
  2. Filter by Local Office and choose Paris
  3. Select all employees (if there are more than 50 people, you will also need to click the select all button)

4. Click the green Edit button to bulk edit
5. Tick the Language box and choose French
6. Save the changes

By doing this before your organisation launches Peakon, the first email employees receive from the platform will be in their preferred locale, as will their first survey.

Language restriction set by an administrator

Each survey schedule that is setup for your organisation can also have a language restriction, meaning employees will not have the ability to change the language of their survey. As you can see in the Survey Language option in the screenshot below:

If you need to ensure that feedback is delivered in one language – either across the entire organisation or from certain groups as defined by your schedules – this is the option to choose.

In the example above, employees will only be able to choose between English and French in their language selector.

Custom questions

Should you add custom questions to your Peakon surveys, you can also add your own translations. It is also possible to change the translation to standard questions (although we recommend doing this with care, to maintain the question's original meaning). This is done on the Questions page, by clicking Edit on a question, then expanding the Localisation settings:

Dashboard languages

The interface of the manager dashboard is available in the below languages:

Managers can select their preferred language by clicking their name in the top right corner of Peakon, followed by Profile:

Sharable dashboards

When a manager shares their dashboard, the dashboard will be displayed in the language set on the user's browser. For example, if a manager's dashboard is in German and the manager then shares their dashboard with their team, a user whose browser language is set to English can click on the link and the dashboard will be displayed in English.

Users can change their language preference by choosing one of the dashboard languages in the top right corner.

Mobile app

The Peakon app for iOS will respect the device language configured globally in the "Settings" app, as long as it is one of the languages supported natively by the app. If the current device language is not supported, the app will default to use English as the interface language. If a specific survey language has been configured by the administrator, it will override the device language when answering the survey using the app. The rest of the app interface will continue to respect the device language regardless of the survey language.

Adding new languages

We frequently localise Peakon for new languages. If a language you require is missing, let your customer success manager know or write to us via

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