As an administrator of your company’s Peakon account, you are able to connect Peakon to Personio. This will allow for automatic daily syncing of your employee data between Personio and Peakon, meaning your employee list stays up-to-date.

Prior to connecting your Personio, please let your Customer Success Manager know that you would like to utilise the integration and they will enable this feature for your Peakon account. You can also write to to get this feature enabled.

Once you receive confirmation that the feature is enabled please follow the instructions below.

Prior to connecting:

Peakon will extract the employee data from Personio and map it over to your existing attributes on Peakon. We suggest applying the same Personio naming convention to your attributes on Peakon which will ensure that your field values on Personio are mapped over correctly to the attributes on Peakon.

The standard fields for Peakon and Personio are as follows (which do not require field names to match):

For any additional attributes that you are using on Peakon, you will need to ensure that the field on Personio matches the attribute name on Peakon. This excludes the two standard fields such as Timezone and Language. These fields are set automatically through detection, or they can be overridden by a manual import.

Connecting to Personio:

The first step is to obtain the API client secrets which need to be entered into Peakon.

  1. Login to your Personio account as an Admin user.
  2. Click on the Settings button on the far left

3. Navigate to the “API” menu using the panel on the left.
4. Click on the “Access” sub-menu. Here you will be presented with the entire list of attributes that the API should read from. Please review these and add/remove as you see fit. Click on the “Edit” button to make changes to the selection.

5. Once you have selected the required employee attributes, navigate to the “Credentials” menu (to the left of "Access").

6. Click on “Generate credentials” which will download a text file with your credentials which you should keep safely. You can always generate a new key, however this will invalidate all previous credentials. You will receive a “client id” and “client secret”.

7. Now that you have the secrets, log into Peakon and navigate to Admin > Integrations.

8. Click on “Personio” then click “Connect.”

9. You will then be prompted to enter the “Client id” and “Client secret” that were obtained from Personio in step 6. Then select "Connect."

After connecting

Peakon synchronizes any changes in Personio on a daily basis. A full synchronization is only done on the initial setup and is generally not required. In case of errors or configuration changes, you can start a full synchronization by clicking on the “Synchronize now” option from within the settings tab of the integration.

Be aware that this can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

What happens if I already have employees on Peakon and now wish to connect Peakon with Personio?

Ensure that the attributes on Peakon match those on Personio. Once connected, the integration will not blanket delete employees from Peakon who are not in Personio. It will only delete future employees as they are removed from Personio.

How do I remove employees, added via Personio?

Once the employee is marked as terminating in Personio, the user will be automatically deleted from Peakon in the following daily sync unless using the Separation date and Separation reason attributes to manage leaver data, in which case these values will be set on Peakon.

Using the Separation date, Separation reason, and Tenure attributes

It's possible to automatically sync the data from Personio to populate Separation attributes on Peakon. For employees who are assigned a hire date in the future, the employee record will be created on Peakon but the employee will not receive any surveys until the hire date is reached.

Similarly, when an employee is marked as leaving or separated on Personio, the employee's Separation date and Separation reason attribute on Peakon will be set. Once the separation date has passed the employee will no longer receive any surveys.

To take advantage of using these attributes, please refer to our Using the Separation date and Separation reason attributes help centre article.

Peakon treats the "Separation date" and "Separation reason" as standard attributes on Personio, meaning there is no need to create custom fields on Personio for these two fields to be synced.

Restricted attributes on Peakon

When Employee data access is restricted on Peakon, the attribute will not sync with Personio. If your attributes are not syncing properly, ensure that this attribute can be seen on the employee page and has Employee data access enabled.

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