The Peakon Android manager app enables users to review and action their team’s feedback and improve their leadership skills anywhere, anytime. In the first version of the Android application, managers will be able to interact with comments and view up-to-date feedback instantly.

Installation and authentication

After downloading the Android mobile app, the first page will contain the login screen where managers can log in with either their username and password or select SSO.

  1. To get started, install the Peakon app from the Google Store
  2. Once you have installed the app, enter your company email address
  3. You will then be able to login either through entering your password or managers from companies that use single sign-on can also login using this method

Features overview


Managers can view the Engagement overview for any context they have access to. This will include all driver scores, score over time trends, and calculated strengths and priorities.

Managers can also view specific driver pages which will include driver specific scores and sub-driver scores. The comments related to each driver and sub-driver are also accessible at the bottom of the page.

Switching contexts

Managers with access to several segments can switch between the segments they manage in the app. The context can be found at the bottom of the screen when viewing comments and scores. To switch contexts, simply click on the context and all available options will appear allowing you to select the preferred segment.


Managers will be able to acknowledge comments, initiate conversations, and send internal notes. They will also be able to filter comments by comment type, NPS category, iInteractions, and acknowledgments using the filter option on the top right corner.

For more information on comment interactions, please refer to our acknowledgments and conversation articles.

Answering the survey on Android

The early release of the Android app will be available for managers with access to a dashboard. The current version of the app does not provide access to complete the survey as this functionality will be available at a later date. Managers can still use their mobile browsers to complete the surveys if they open the link via a mobile email app. Managers who enable the push notification for new surveys will receive a notification of new survey rounds and will be redirected to fill out the survey in a mobile browser.


To update the Peakon app,

  • Open the Google Play Store app
  • Tap Menu > My Apps & Games
  • Apps with an update available are labeled with "Update", or you can also search for a specific app
  • Tap Update

Troubleshooting common issues

The app says my email doesn't exist

It will only be possible to log in using an email address that has been added to Peakon. If no match is found, it will not be possible to proceed.

Please be sure to check for common errors, such as typos, in your email address. If you are still unable to log in, contact your local Human Resources team to make sure your email address is added to your employee record on Peakon.


The Peakon app for Android will respect the device language configured globally in the device settings, as long as it is one of the languages supported natively by the app. If the current device language is not supported, the app will default to use English as the interface language.


Navigate to the settings tab to enable/disable notifications, navigate to the Peakon Help Center, send feedback to our team, or log out of the Peakon app.

Contacting support

If you need any assistance with your mobile app, please reach out to us on Make sure to include any relevant screenshots, and as much information as possible, to help us troubleshoot.

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