Driving change in a team can be difficult when team members are not providing managers with enough feedback. Most employees will happily continue participating in surveys if they are assured that their feedback is being used in some way or another by keeping them updated with what is happening with their feedback.

Involving employees more in action-planning is important as this will allow them not only to understand better the challenges of acting on feedback but will also prompt them to take some accountability on this process.

Here are some points that could help increase feedback flow within teams with low survey participation:

  • Raise awareness of the survey via some internal comms, such as Desk Drops, Posters, Emails, Team meetings, etc.
  • Reiterate in an internal message the anonymity around acknowledgments and conversations. An overview of available anonymity settings and options can be shared with employees for more information on anonymity protection.
  • Explain how vital employee feedback is to drive meaningful change in your business. This is especially good when there are new joiners who may not have been there when Peakon was first introduced.
  • Show employees how their results are displayed on managers' dashboards as well as how the comment interaction features work and protect anonymity via this video or by switching to the demo dashboard.
  • Prepare internal communications materials, such as videos from C-suite members, and share updates around any actions you may be taking as a result of the survey in company-wide meetings and on internal communications tools (such as Slack or Yammer). This helps employees feel that their feedback is helping to drive change for the business, which can contribute to motivating employees to participate in the survey.
  • Involve managers more and encourage them to take accountability for the actions to take as a result of their teams' feedback. They can see the areas of strength to celebrate as well as the areas they can focus on.
  • Encourage the use of the Improve section to support action planning among leadership teams. This section features great resources on all the drivers of engagement and you can also add your own company resources which will be available on all manager dashboards.
  • Use the Segments (or Heatmap) and view by difference to benchmark to get a more granular view on areas of strength and priority to help with topics of conversation among teams when thinking about action planning.
  • Encourage managers to share their dashboards with their team before a team meeting to feature it as a point of discussion.
  • Suggest managers to make sure that the survey is on the agenda of their team meetings (maybe once a month) so they can remind their team how important their feedback is along with sharing with them the areas to celebrate and what they as a team can focus on moving forward.
  • Consider enabling the personal dashboard for employees where survey participants will be able to follow any prioritised drivers and actions on the team's dashboard within Peakon.
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