Peakon enables you to run multiple survey schedules and frequencies at the same time, to meet the differing demands of your organisation.

These are configured on the Schedules page. Here, you can set up target groups for your Peakon surveys. To explain how these work, let’s imagine as a whole your company is running quarterly surveys, but now the marketing department wants to move to a weekly pulse survey.

By navigating to the Schedules page you’ll see that you already have a target group set up for the entire company. By clicking View you’ll be see all the settings for this target. From here we can exclude the employees working in marketing. You can see how this would look in the screenshot below:

After doing so, you can return to the Schedules page and create a new target. This new target will consist of just those in the marketing business unit, and it would look like this:

On the Frequency tab, you can then set the survey frequency to a weekly pulse – and this will apply to just this target group. You can also set the schedule, customise the survey email content (e.g. to include a message from the head of this department), and add custom branding (e.g. if you were setting up a target group for a division of the company with its own brand).

By configuring different target groups, you can essentially customise the survey experience to suit each area of your organisation. As mentioned, multiple frequencies can be run at the same time, however it’s important that employees do not fall into two targets – a warning will appear to alert you if this is the case.

If you have any question when configuring your organisation’s schedules and target groups, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

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