A customer can at any point request their company account to be deleted from the Peakon system. Since data deletion is an irreversible action, Peakon will take appropriate measures to ensure the person requesting the deletion is an administrator of the company’s Peakon account.

Once a deletion request has been accepted, Peakon will delete the company data within 3 months from the primary database through a process that includes both deletion and anonymization. Backups of company data will expire after 3 months, and the data will thus be fully deleted and anonymized from all systems within at most 6 months.

Deletion and anonymization process

Once the deletion process has been initiated, it will identify and anonymize any piece of personally identifiable data stored in production databases that can be used to uniquely identify any individual or entity (names, emails, location, comments, department, etc.). It does so by deleting the information in full or by running the information through a one-way hashing algorithm, together with an additional per-row random salt. This guarantees that the resulting information is useless for the purpose of identifying the individual or entity that created it.

Data outside the Peakon application

As part of the customer data deletion process, any customer data stored in other systems, e.g. for customer support, will also be deleted as part of the deletion process.

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