This shortened version of the dashboard (which removes more sensitive content like comments and comparisons) is a great way to communicate results back to your employees – either by putting the dashboard on a big screen in the office or by sending it out after a survey round closes. This in turn increases participation and gives everyone a stake in improving.

It’s also helpful for action planning. Sharing a single view of the dashboard with your management team, quite literally gets everyone on the same page. 


The shared dashboard will be updated automatically during survey rounds. The link to the shared dashboard will also remain live, but can be disabled to revoke access, if needed. 

Please note that employees with the link to a shared dashboard will be able to access it. Revoking access to the dashboard will render that URL invalid and a new one will have to be generated.

How to share a dashboard

1. To generate the URL to share, click the Share icon on your dashboard as you can see in this screenshot:

You'll then have the option to select what you'd like to have shown on the sharable dashboard:

  • The engagement score
  • Key drivers of engagement
  • Priorities and strengths
  • Any shared actions that have been created
  • Values 

Driver comments, open-ended comments, values comments, topics, and segments will not be shown on the dashboard. You can always preview the dashboard by clicking on the  Preview dashboard icon to see exactly what you're sharing. 

2. Clicking on the green Generate link option will allow you to then:

  • Copy the URL to the dashboard
  • View the dashboard
  • Revoke access to the dashboard
  • Email the link to all employees within the segment

3. Copy the URL or click on the Share with employees option to send an email containing a link to the dashboard to all employees in the segment.  

Access rights

By default, the sharable dashboards feature is available to admins. Admins can also enable this feature for groups of managers who have access to Peakon dashboards using the steps below:

  1. Click on Administration > Access Control in the left sidebar menu
  2. Select the relevant access control group
  3. Enable the Share dashboard views toggle option from the access rights list

Sharing the dashboard in multiple languages

When a manager shares their dashboard, the dashboard will be displayed according to the language preferences set on the users browser. For example, if a manager's dashboard is in German and the manager then shares their dashboard with their team, a user whose browser language is set to English can click on the link and the dashboard will be displayed in English.

It is also possible for users to change the language of their shareable dashboard language to any of the supported dashboard languages.

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