Your survey round will have a set close date, most often this will be a week or two after the survey opens. The round will close at 23:59 UTC on its end date.

A huge difference between Peakon and previous approaches to gathering employee feedback, is the fact that all the analysis is done in seconds, rather than weeks or even months.

After the survey round closes and at 1:00 AM UTC on the following day, your dashboard will immediately show:

  • The priorities Peakon recommends focusing on
  • The strengths to celebrate
  • The topics that occur throughout the comments provided by employees

Accepting late survey responses

After the set close date, there is a period of two weeks called the soft close, where employees are still able to answer the survey, enabling people who've been away from work (e.g. they've been on holiday) to participate.

This new data will not influence the calculation of priorities, strengths, and topics, until the next time they are calculated (after the next round). This is because by this point action planning based on these insights can be well underway, and so a period of stability is needed. Although, given the small percentage of people who will answer after the close date, there is very little chance these would change.

What you may see, however, are small changes in the average scores for drivers and segments, because of these late submissions. Also, new comments may appear.

We take this approach to balance the ability for everyone to have there say, with the desire to act quickly on Peakon's insights. 

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