The survey frequency tab is accessed by clicking on Configure > Schedules option in the left menu and then clicking on the green "View" icon on your schedule to open up the schedule settings tabs. The "Frequency" tab is where you are able to select the survey frequency and set the engagement, driver, and sub-driver question frequency. The frequency for values questions is also set from the "Frequency" tab.

Survey Frequency

This is the frequency at which the survey will be sent out. The options include:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Manual
  • Custom

We recommend selecting one of the higher frequencies which has the following advantages:

  • Less questions asked per round to each employee
  • More frequent insights can be collected and acted upon
  • Managers become more engaged with their dashboard and scores, as the focus is on continuous engagement

We suggest reading our Choosing the right frequency for your organisation article, which gives a breakdown of why choosing a higher frequency is better for your organisation.

Selecting a manual frequency means that the survey will only go out once on the specified date on the “Schedules” tab. 

A custom frequency can also be selected where it’s possible to set the frequency to every X number weeks. For example, you could set the survey to go out every three weeks. 

When selecting the survey and question frequency, you’ll notice a summary box to the right that shows an estimate of how many questions will be asked for each round, based on your chosen frequency settings.

Question frequency

The question frequency allows you to determine the frequency of each type of question being asked: 

  • Driver 
  • Sub-driver
  • Engagement question
  • Value questions

Once you’ve selected your frequency settings, click on the “Save settings” option. 

The frequency for open-ended questions is set on the open-ended questions icon, or by selecting the Questions option in the left menu followed by the open-ended question tab. 

NOTE: When a manual survey frequency is selected, all active questions will be asked.

To understand how question sampling and rotation works on Peakon, read our article on Peakon sampling and questions rotation.

Using Peakon's recommended survey and question frequency 

Using Peakon's standard driver and sub-driver questions, without the addition of any custom driver or sub-driver questions, will ensure that employees are asked all driver and sub-driver questions over the course of three months when also using Peakon's recommended survey and question frequency listed below:

Survey Frequency: Monthly
Engagement frequency: Monthly
Driver frequency: Monthly
Sub-driver frequency: Quarterly

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