Your interactive Peakon dashboard is unique to you. It's designed to present to most relevant insights on those you lead. You can view high-level trends, make comparisons between employee groups, and deep-dive into areas of interest.

In this video, you'll learn about: the psychological basis of engagement, how to interpret average scores and eNPS, using key drivers, actions, and segmentation to target improvements, utilising feedback from comments, and sharing insights.

Should you have any queries as you familiarise yourself with your dashboard, please contact us at Peakon – we're here to ensure everyone in your organisation can get the most out of the platform and we'd be very happy to hear your questions.

Article: Key drivers of engagement: priorities and strengths
Article: Highlighted segments: Priorities and Strengths
Article: Understanding your eNPS and engagement scores
Article: Creating your engagement action plan
Article: Using Peakon's conversation feature
Article: Sharable Dashboards
Article: Downloading a presentation of your dashboard results in PowerPoint

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