On Peakon, it’s possible to make bulk changes to employee records at segment level. If needed, changes can also be backdated.

This is a useful option for assigning a manager to a specific team who mistakenly had no manager assigned, for example. It’s also useful if two departments/segments have merged together, for example. In such an instance, backdating the change will allow for a consolidated view of survey responses.

Who can make changes?

Admin members on Peakon have the ability to make changes to attributes, segments, and employee records. For all other users with access to a dashboard, permissions will vary based on what access permissions the account admin has granted certain users. 

How to make changes?

Backdating changes is made under Configure> Company > Employees as this entails updating the employee records associated with a specific segment. Therefore, it's easiest to use the filter options on the attributes to find specific segments.

As an example, a useful filter option is to filter on "Manager" and select "Not set". This will reveal a list of employees who have no employees assigned. It's good practice to use this filter as there could be a group of employee who were mistakenly added to Peakon with a manager assigned. In such a case, these employees' scores would not be included in the relevant manager segment. It's therefore good to ensure employees have manager assigned to them. If this is done on a segment bases using the filters, bulk changes can easily be made and backdated.

The below example depicts adding a manager to a group of employees in a specific segment. The two filters applied are for manager "Not set" for a specific department's segment "Learning and Development".

Select the green "Edit" option and then select "Manager" to add a manager. The green "Valid from" option or small clock icon can then be selected to backdate the change. Select "Start" to have the change backdated to the beginning or add a custom date. Click on the green "Review changes" option at the bottom of the screen to review the changes before proceeding to click on "Save changes" to complete the steps. 

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