Adding employees manually is a good option for adding a couple of employees. For adding larger groups of employees, we recommend using the excel import method instead.

To manually add an employee click on Configuration> Employees. The employee page has three main sections; Overview, Attributes, and Access Control. Employees are added from the “Overview” section.

Click on the black “Add employee” button beside the Import and Export icons to add a new employee manually. Fill in the employee details, and make sure the “employee active” toggle is switched to “active” before saving. This will ensure that the newly added employee will be included in future surveys.

Note: when adding employees, it's important to ensure that the domain used in the email address is matching the domain that is attached to your Peakon account. If you receive a domain error when trying to add an employee, please get in touch with Customer Success Manager, or our support team at, who will be able to add additional domains to your Peakon account.

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