On Peakon it's possible to mark the Engagement on employee records as Inactive. Inactive engagement means the following:

  • When marked as inactive, employees will no longer receive surveys and automated reminder emails to complete surveys. 
  • Employees still take up a licence unless they have also separated from your organisation and have been marked as such on the Separation date attribute field
  • Managers with access to dashboards will still be able to log into Peakon and interact with the data on their dashboard
  • Managers will continue to receive low participation, upcoming survey, and digest emails
  • Employees are still included in the aggregated participation rate in line with the Time for all data setting
  • Employees are included in the non-aggregated participation rate only if marked as inactive during an open survey round

Marking employees' engagement as inactive/active

Manually: Apply any necessary filters in the left menu of the employee page if bulk updating or use the search box to find an individual employee. On the employee record, toggle the engagement switch to the on or off position. If bulk updating, select the group of employees and click on edit and update the engagement. 

Via CSV file upload: Ensure a column is present on the sheet titled "Engagement" and mark the employee records on the sheet as either "Active" or "Inactive" and upload as normal. 

Filtering on Employee engagement in the Employee page

On the Employee page, select the "Engagement" filter in the left menu and select either "Enabled" or "Disabled".

When to mark an employee as inactive?

Employees should be marked as inactive if they are actively employed but should not/no longer receive surveys. Consider adding an attribute with some fixed values to filter on in the employee page to identify those employees who should be marked as inactive. For example:

  • Sabatical
  • Parental leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave

Marking the employee records with one of these values via a CSV file import or manually will allow you to filter on these values on the employee page to bulk update their engagement status on their employee record.

When an employee will leave or has left your organisation, update their Separation date and Separation reason attributes. Doing so ensures that employees no longer receive surveys, are able to log into Peakon (managers), or take up a licence once their Separation date is reached. Read more about that here.

Capturing insights from leavers

Insights can be captured from former employees by Using the separation date and separation reason attributes. They also allow you to analyse data from employees who have left your organisation.

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