On Peakon, it's possible to mark employees' engagement as active or inactive. When marked as active the employee can be included in survey rounds and will receive all the regular survey email notifications etc. Employees that are marked as inactive cannot be included in survey rounds and will therefore not receive survey emails and reminders.

Managers who have been marked as inactive will still have access to their Peakon dashboards, however, they will be excluded from survey rounds. They will also still receive Peakon notifications and emails for the team/s they manage whilst marked as inactive. 

If marking an employee as inactive during an live survey round, unless the employee has already answered the survey, the employee will not be able to participate as the link to the survey will be deactivated.

Using the filters to view inactive employees

Click on the "Configure" option in the left menu, then head to "Employees" under Company to get the .overview page. From there, it's possible to use the "Engagement" filter option to filter by "Enabled" or "Disabled". 

Updating employees as active or inactive

Select an individual employee record and scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll see an option called "Engagement" with a toggle switch allowing to either mark the employee as "Inactive" or "Active"

Manually bulk updating employees as inactive or active

To bulk update employees, select any relevant filters to narrow your results down to a particular group of employees that need updating. You can then bulk select this group of employees by clicking on the "Name" box followed by the green "Edit" icon. 

Note that by default when clicking on the name box, only the first 50 employees in the list will be selected so you may also need to click on the select all icon followed by the green "Edit" icon.   

You will then be able to select the engagement icon and toggle the switch either as either "Active" or "Inactive".

Bulk updating employees as active or inactive using the file import method

It's also possible to bulk update employees' engagement as active or inactive using the file import method. This method requires that you add a column to the sheet labeled "Engagement". The values you place on each employee's row on the sheet will either need to be "Active" or "Inactive".

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