Employee records show basic contact information along with the segments an employee's survey responses fall into. If the employee is a manager, the reporting line will also be shown, as well as any segments the employee has been added to. Account administrators are also able to see what access the employee has, in terms of being able to log into Peakon to see data and use specific features. 

In addition, account administrators are also able to see the amount of survey rounds the employee has been included in (this does not mean surveys the employee has completed but rather the survey emails the employee has received).

Accessing employee records

Employee records are viewed by clicking on the Configure option in the left menu, then head to Employees under Company submenu. A list of employee records will then be shown. This list will be populated with employees whose employee data you've been granted access to by your account administrator and is determined by the following:

  • Whether you have direct or indirect reporting lines (your team)
  • Whether you have been granted access to view specific segments of aggregated employee scores, along with their employee records

In most cases, access to employee record data will also include access to the aggregated survey responses of these employees shown on your dashboard.

Searching and filtering on employee record

To find a specific employee record, use the search box to search by name or email address. To find groups of employees, use the filter options which will allow you to filter by each attribute's segment that you have access to.  

To filter simply click on one of the attributes and then select or search a segment to filter by. A filtered list will then appear. It's also possible to apply multiple filters.

Viewing individual employee record information

Clicking into one of the employee record will then show the following tabs

  • Information
  • Managing
  • Access control
  • Rounds


The information tab shows fields for basic contact information, as well as, the attribute values given on the employee record. You will also be able to see whether an employee's engagement has been marked as active or disabled. This refers to whether the employee will receive surveys (active) or not (disabled). 


Clicking on the "Managing" tab will show the various segments of employees the employee is managing. You can view these segments by clicking on the dropdown arrow to switch between segments. Each segment shows a list of employees in that particular segment. 

Managing employees on Peakon means having employees reporting into you, either directly or indirectly. It could also mean that the admin has added the employee as a manager to a segment of employees, or that an employee has been given access to view all employee records and aggregated scores.

Access control

The access control permission for "Administrate employees" allows users to see the "Access control" tab on employee records. This option allows users to see which access control groups an employee is part of. 

By default all employees are placed in the "Employee" access control group. All managers who have reports or who have been added as a manager to a segment will also be in the default "Manager" group. Any additional access control groups an employee has been added to will also be seen from this tab.

There is also a "Notify" option that allows users to notify the employee. The employee will receive an email invitation to log into their Peakon dashboard.

Rounds (account administrators only)

Account administrators will also be able to click on the "Rounds" tab that will show details of the survey rounds an employee has been included in. Note that this does not indicate whether the employee has answered the survey or not, it only shows the survey rounds the employee has been included in. 

The survey rounds list shows the target and dates. Live rounds are indicated by a green icon and test rounds by a paper aeroplane icon. Old rounds only show the dates and target. 

If an employee has been added during an open survey round, a banner will appear asking whether you would like to add the employee to the current open round, as seen below.

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