Editable attributes can be used to either collect or validate demographic data from individual employees directly at the start of the survey. This is a useful option for larger organisations who may need to collect a few demographic data points to be stored on employee records for the purpose of segmentation analysis.

For example, if you wanted to collect data on your employees' commute time to and from work, for the purposes of segmentation analysis, you could enable “Commute time” as an editable attribute on the survey. Doing so will allow employees to select from a list of fixed values which in turn automatically updates their employee record on Peakon. 

This option is enabled on the schedule itself making it possible to target editable attributes to specific survey audiences.  

It’s also possible to add a custom message that will appear when asking employees to self-select their demographic data. The custom message can be used to provide an explanation of why employees are being asked to provide their demographic data and how the data will be used by the organization for segmentation purposes, for example. 

Setting up employee editable attributes on surveys

  1. Select which schedule you’d like to enable editable attributes on (Configure > schedules)
  2. Select the “Attribute” tab 
  3. Add a custom message and any translations if required
  4. Specify which attributes you want employees to provide data for and mark them as either optional or required. Employees will only be able to choose from existing segments.   
  5. Click on the green “Add editable attribute” option
  6. Preview the survey to see how the options look on the survey

How do employee editable attributes work?

Once enabled, employees will be presented with the editable attribute options at the beginning of every survey while the editable attribute is enabled. If an employee has already made a selection on a previous survey, they will still see the editable attribute at the beginning of their survey with their previous selection and the option to change their selection. This allows for employees to change their answers on an ongoing basis.

When employees make a selection and submit the survey answers, their employee record on Peakon is updated accordingly.

The editable attributes appear at the beginning of the survey, as shown in the example below:

Employee editable attributes and Kiosk mode

For security purposes, the employee type attribute is restricted for kiosk mode. For example, it would not be possible to ask employees to select who their manager is on a kiosk mode.

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