• What is Kiosk?
  • Important considerations
  • How to use Kiosk
  • Ensuring success and closing the feedback loop
  • Downloadable Kiosk mode handout template

What is Kiosk?

Kiosk is an alternative way to roll out your Peakon surveys to employees that do not have business email addresses.  Essentially, employees login to the Peakon survey on a communal tablet or computer using a code or login that is unique to them.

There are two Kiosk login options that can be set-up on a survey schedule: 

  • Allow employees to login using their employee IDs’ and their first names
  • Allow employees to login using unique kiosk codes

Employee ID and First name are the values stored on the employee record on Peakon. Using this option requires that employees will be familiar with their employee ID.

The unique kiosk code login option means that the codes will need to be distributed to employees. The codes are generated on Peakon once the survey round is open and can be found in the survey schedule under the “Kiosk” tab. 

Both login options can be available on the survey schedule. 

Important considerations:

  • Employees answering a survey using the kiosk method will not receive notifications if a manager acknowledges their comment or starts a conversation on their comment
  • Survey reminders cannot be sent to kiosk users
  • After submitting their answers, employees will not see the personal engagement summary if this feature is being used
  • Managers who use Kiosk (and don’t have an email address) won’t be able to access a dashboard

How to use Kiosk:

  • While uploading your employee data on Peakon, where possible include the Employee ID for those staff members who do not use an email address. This means that the first name and employee number login option can be used on kiosk.
  • Prior to your launch, communicate with your employees about the upcoming survey (our customisable posters can also help with that).
  • Make sure you set up a computer with instructions provided just before your launch.
  • Each survey schedule will have its own unique URL - the URL stays the same. 
  • Distribute login information to your employees using Kiosk mode. They will need to login using either of the following: Employee ID and first name, or Unique codes that will be available for you to generate on the day when your round launches
  • If using the Unique codes option, remember that these codes change for each survey round so it’s important to distribute these to employees everytime a new round goes live.
  • When completing the survey, it will timeout after 3 minutes if there is no user interaction (mouse move, keyboard press, scrolling, touch). Before the session actually times out, the system will show an overlay saying that it will redirect after 10 secs, displaying the option to continue the survey.
  • Conversations can only take place if the employee has also an email entered in the employees records. 
  • Employees can still answer the survey once the survey has been soft closed. Soft close is a default two week period after the survey has closed in which late answers can still be submitted. If the survey has been hard closed, it will not be possible to submit late answers. 

The Kiosk settings for a survey can be found under the Survey Schedule, in the “Kiosk” tab. This tab contains the unique codes that can be downloaded when the survey round is open. It’s also possible to preview the kiosk login page by clicking on “Preview kiosk”. When using the first name and employee ID option, the login page will display this option by default.

The login page for employees

The login page for employees will look as follows for employees, depending on whether they are logging in using the unique kiosk code or using their employee ID and first name.

Ensuring success and closing the feedback loop

Communication is key:

  • Communicate early and regularly so employees know what is expected
  • Provide printed instructions that cover how to login, how to leave a comment, or skip to the next question. It’s a good idea to also include Admin/HR contact details in case employees are unsure of their Employee ID or need their unique code
  • Save the URL to the survey login page on the desktop or in the browser

Avoid trust issues:

  • The "What is Peakon" video is a great introduction to what can be expected from Peakon surveys, while emphasising anonymity. Consider bookmarking the video in the browser or pinning it to the desktop.
  • Build trust by making sure that employees can take time during the day to complete the survey (i.e. setting up a room and timetable for people to complete the survey)
  • Where applicable, engage with unions early on in the pre-launch phase to help mitigate unforeseen delays and increase adoption from key stakeholders.

Involve site managers:

  • To drive employee participation and commitment, site manager are key as they can ensure employees are given time to participate. They are also a point of contact once the survey results are ready to be shared with employees.

Senior level buy-in is also important in providing the mandate and support to ensure a successful survey launch, especially when involving kiosk users.

Communicating survey results:

 Communicating survey results with non-office based employees requires additional consideration. Some options include:

  • Town hall meetings
  • Posters
  • Locker drops
  • Newsletters

Anonymity concerns:

There’s an important distinction between you being anonymous to Peakon (the system) and your feedback being anonymous to your company.

Reassuring employees that their scores are anonymous to managers is key in instilling trust in Peakon and driving high participation rates. Employees may question whether their answers and scores really are anonymous since they will need to log in using one of the following methods:

  • Unique kiosk codes
  • Employee IDs’ and first name

Reiterating the fact that scores and comments are anonymized once received by Peakon is key. We suggest sharing the following FAQs for employees article with employees. It contains a short introduction video to Peakon showing the survey been completed as well as what managers will see on the dashboard, noting that names do not appear on comments or scores.

Downloadable Kiosk mode handout template 

A handout template for kiosk mode can be downloaded and edited prior to distributing to your employees. It's three pages long and contains screenshots of the login pages along with some commonly asked questions and answers for your employees to read.

  1. Click here
  2. Once the slide deck is open, click on the "File" option in the menu bar at the top
  3. Select "Download as" followed by your file type preference (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  4. The first slide contains instructions of what to edit on slides 2-4

Article: FAQs for Survey Participants

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