Knowing you’re being listened to is an essential part of any conversation. It’s no wonder then, that sharing feedback anonymously – as is the norm with employee engagement surveys – often doesn’t feel like a dialogue that will lead to action. 

Taking the time to raise an issue you care about and not knowing if anyone has read your words can be very disheartening. Yet history, those gathering the feedback have had little choice.

At Peakon we set out to change this with the Acknowledgements feature. We now see that this simple tool is one of the biggest drivers of high participation in survey rounds, and also how the quality of feedback (the level of detail, and helpfulness) can be greatly improved when acknowledgements show people they are being listened to.  

How to acknowledge

When comments appear on the Dashboard or under Comments, it's possible to choose from one of four responses by clicking Acknowledge:

The employee that provided the feedback will be emailed with one of the acknowledgments selected (reminding them that they are still anonymous). However, they will not have an option to reply back directly to the Manager. If an employee replies to the automatic acknowledgment email, it will be received at Peakon Support.


Filtering acknowledged comments

From within the comments page, you can have a quick view of comments that have been acknowledged or not by selecting "Acknowledged"  at the top of your screen and then selecting either "Only comments I’ve acknowledged" or "Only comments I haven't acknowledged"

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