On Peakon, comments will be shown both on the dashboard but can also be accessed from the comment page by clicking on the "Comment" option in the left menu. Comments provide powerful insights to the survey scores and also form the bases of topics, which will be generated once enough comments have been collected.

Viewing comments for a particular segment 

When viewing your dashboard, it's possible to click into the various segments. If you select the "View as a segment" option at the top of the dashboard, you will be able to switch the context of your dashboard to that particular segment. It's also possible to search for segments in the context selector in the left menu, which will also change the context of your dashboard. The comments will be contextual to the segment you are viewing.

Highlighted comments

If Highlighted comments have been enabled, you will notice that some comments may be marked as "Highlighted". Peakon will automatically detect comments that are solution-oriented or have received extreme scores.

These comments will often contain solution-oriented suggestions or words which Peakon will then rank as highlighted. Hovering over the "Highlighted" icon on the comment will also reveal why the comment has been highlighted.

Using the filters on comments

When clicking on the "Comments" option in the left menu, you will then be able to see the comments for the particular segment that you are viewing. It's also possible to apply further filters on the comments which can be found in the left menu:

  • Searching for comments using the search box
  • Filtering on Driver comments for certain driver or sub-driver comments
  • Filtering on open-ended comments
  • Filtering on Values comments (if using the values feature)
  • Filtering by promotors, passives, and detractors
  • Filtering  by interactions allows you to show only those comments with conversations or notes, or only those conversations without conversations or notes
  • Filtering by "Acknowledged" to show only those comments with acknowledgements or without acknowledgements

It is possible to apply multiple filters simultaneously allowing you to get very specific filtered results on comments.

Using the sorting options

Once you have applied your filters to the comments, you may also wish to add sorting options, which can be found at the top of your screen. These include:

  • Sorting by "Highlighted" 
  • Sorting by "Score"
  • Sorting by "Date"

Exporting comments

Peakon provides the possibility to export comments in CSV file format. 

  1. Apply the necessary filter and sorting options 
  2. Click on the "Export" icon at the top of you screen
  3. The file will then be created and made available to download by clicking on the green "Download" icon once the export is ready.

The file will contain the following:

  • The date the comment was made
  • The Question
  • The Comment
  • The Score
  • The corresponding Driver/Value
  • The language

It's not possible to get any acknowledgements or conversations attached to the comments in the exported file.

Using the translate option on comments

When enabled, Peakon's "Translate" option will appear on comments that have been left in a language that's different to the manager's dashboard language. Clicking on the translate button will translate the comment into the dashboard language. This option is only available for languages supported by Peakon

Is there a character limit on comments?

The character limit on comments is 10000 characters. 

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