Peakon's dashboard and surveys are web-based, so there is no application to install on your device. Your browser must be on a stable version and should be the same or newer than: 

  • Internet Explorer 10 (and Microsoft Edge)
  • Chrome 39
  • Firefox 38
  • Safari 7

These browsers requirements apply for both the dashboard and survey page.  

Some firewalls can interfere with access to Peakon's dashboard and survey, causing problems with loading the web pages. This can be prevented by properly configure firewalls and proxies to allow full access to the Peakon system, following this article.

If you do not have a compatible browser on your computer, we recommend that you download and install Google Chrome (it’s free). Be sure to check that in doing so you are not acting against your company's IT security policy.

If you cannot install Chrome and you're answering a survey,  you can submit your survey feedback using your smartphone. Open the email you received from Peakon on your phone, then click the link to the survey that’s in the email. You’ll see the survey will open in your mobile browser, and as long as your phone is reasonably up to date, you’ll be able to answer the survey there.

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